The Sound & The Fury

I got to work and sat down and got started with my day and quickly realized I’d forgotten my workout clothes. During the winter, I run on the treadmill at the gym at work. The gym is for the police officers I work with, but they have granted me access to the inner workings! The only things I’m sure I know how to work are the treadmill, elliptical, bike, & rowing machine… everything else has so many handles and looks really heavy and I can’t quite figure out where I’m supposed to put my body. It’s so dark and cold once I get home from work that it’s kind of not optimal for running outside, but maybe I’ll give it a shot tonight and run around my apartment complex. My husband Gary & I have plans for later, so I won’t have time to go get my clothes & come back to the gym… also, Christmas traffic. No, thank you. Who decided to put a mall EVERYWHERE? ah, New Jersey.

Otherwise, I think my options are to do a workout video or find something fun on Youtube. I found a Zumba video that I kind of liked but didn’t feel like I got a very good workout.  Any other ideas?


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