Haters are Going to Hate.

Merry Christmas! I want to talk about how wonderful Christmas was this year, but that will have to wait until later because something happened today. Haters are on the prowl today.

Well, let’s start with this: Someone yelled “Fatty” at my husband and I while we were leaving dinner tonight. People can be jerks. We were crossing the parking lot after leaving the restaurant and someone was speeding down the lane directly at us. We didn’t jump out of the way so he had to slam on his brakes. Guess he didn’t like that, because he rolled down his window and laughed,” haha! fatty!” Both my husband and I are aware of how much we weigh, but we’re too full of awesome to really give too much thought or worry to angry strangers. Still, it’s on my mind. That’s never happened to me before.

It’s especially stupid, because I logged two awesome miles on the treadmill today. Most of it was jogging/running. I kept my walking to a few minimal intervals. It took me a while to find a good rhythm: 1 min walking, 4 mins running.  I challenged myself to a 40 minute workout, which is usually more than I run on the treadmill at work because I’m so anxious to just get home. I bet if I had a treadmill at home, I’d be on it all the time. Just aim me towards the TV / computer so I can catch up on Vlogbrothers videos / Doctor Who!

After my run, before I left work, I bumped into a few co-workers. I mentioned I had just done two miles on the treadmill, and one of my co-workers said, “Only two miles?” Whoa, lady. What do you mean only? She then went on to tell me how many miles she usually walks and runs.

OK, that’s awesome for you. Seriously, I encourage everyone who wants to run or work out in some way, because I know for some people (like me) it’s tough to take the first step and it’s tougher to keep it up. I don’t like to compare my success to anyone else. I try to only compare myself to myself. I constantly see or feel some kind of improvement; even if it’s not happening as quickly as I’d like, I’m doing better than when I was just sitting on the couch all the time. I always feel awesome after I run even if it wasn’t a great run. I’m glad I got a chance to practice ignoring the negativity today (although I did tell that co-worker that I was going to hit her with my stapler… it was in jest!)


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