… I Never Thought About That.

Two Training Techniques to Run Faster

Happy Snow Day! We got a little slammed in the Northeast and my offices were closed today. My husband is also off today so we are getting a nice day to relax. Hope everyone that has to go out takes it slow & stays safe.

I just read this article and it sort of changed my perspective on how I run. I always thought that if I kept pushing myself, I would see progress. My progress has been pretty slow, but I just chalked that up to being really out of shape and having not-healthy habits. After reading the article I realized I’m not taking a lot of time to recover. I run about every two-three days and I’ve started throwing in some strength workouts in between. I tend to push myself during most workouts and then wind up really tired afterwards – some nights after a run, I’ll come home & shower… and basically go straight to bed. I’ve tried a couple of slower days but I get really frustrated thinking that I’m not getting a good workout. We’ve got about 6+ inches of snow on the ground today and I’m staying inside and staying warm today, but I’m going to force myself to take it easier on my next run and remember, the recovery is part of the process.


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