I’m not one of them!

Back to work on Thursday after a fun New Year’s Day. I counted at least three new people going to the gym at work – usually, it’s just me and one or two other employees who give our extra time to that gym. Must be time for New Year’s Resolutions! Last year, they faded out fast, and the gym was quiet, ready, anxiously waiting for me. All mine again after about a week. We’ll have to see how long they last this year. Suddenly this year, I’m paranoid that people are going to see me running or workout out and think that I’m just starting a resolution. No way, man, I’m in this gym every week! I’ve actually already gone through one pair of running shoes, and I think that’s really a symbol of my dedication. I’m not one of those newbies who’s back on the couch by Valentine’s Day!

Also, my strength workout on Thursday has left me incredibly sore and creaky. If I sit down cross-legged on the floor, I know I’ll never get up again. I’m going to attempt the strength workout again today, but I wanted to get my C25K run in. It snowed like crazy yesterday and the roads aren’t entirely cleared here, so I’m not sure how slippery it is outside. I was supposed to run yesterday but they didn’t plow until about 11 PM – instead, my husband and I played Ticket to Ride, I drew some awesome animal drawings on my old calendar, and ate Spaghettios. Perfectly acceptable snow day activities.

for the animal drawings: http://xpedestrianx.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/heres-a-few-pictures-of-animals-drawn-on-a-bunch-of-pictures-of-trees/


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