Time to get back on the horse

I feel like I’ve been pretty lazy for the past few days. After writing that sentence, I started to doubt that statement so I looked up my running spreadsheet and the last run I logged was on Saturday, the 4th, which isn’t as bad as I thought. I have to give myself some more credit!

But really, the pain in my left foot has had me sidelined for a few days. It appeared a few months ago, around the time my foot also started falling asleep when I ran. I only noticed it when I got up out of my chair at work to run to the printer. After my first 5K, it hurt a little, but it wasn’t that bad. As we descend into winter, I’m noticing that it’s getting so much worse – like, to the point that I can’t even walk normally. It was just heel pain after long runs at first, and a friend suggested it could be heel spurs. When I looked it up, I read about plantar fasciitis, so now, of course, I think I have that. Great, so that’s what that is. Other people have told me that they had to stop running because they have that, but I always thought it had something to do with warts.

Well, I have a doctor’s appointment in two weeks and I’m going to be sure to bring it up to her. I’ve noticed that the pain has gotten really bad only when the weather started getting cold, so maybe the muscles are just much tighter than normal. I ran on Saturday and have been taking it easy (read: sitting on the couch) since then, and today it feels almost 100% better.  I’m glad it feels better, but I’m not happy that I basically can’t run if I want the pain to stop. *makes grumpy noises and scowls*

Well, I have a new workout motivation, so I’m going to be running tonight! It’s a C25K kind of day, I’m on W1D3. It’s kind of exciting – I’ve never completed even just 1 week of the C25K.



2 thoughts on “Time to get back on the horse

  1. I thought maybe I could leave a suggestion here to help you that helped me. Several months ago I started walking on treadmill and riding the bike at the gym. I found it bizarre that my feet would only go numb after riding the bike. So I went off to do a Google search to find that wearing thin socks and sneakers not tied tight would help my situation.

    Wishing something this simple would work for you too.

    Take care,

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve tried a few things and I think the thing that has worked for me the best was getting the right size sneakers – apparently my sneakers were too small, and I was tying them too tight as well.

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