It just hurts to breathe.

Although that might be how I feel when I run sometimes, I’m really talking about the weather. It was in the single digits yesterday morning and warmed up to a biting 22 degrees- it was actually so cold, the heater at work didn’t work… wrap your head around that one. Also, my husband’s car had ice on the inside of the windows… I have to laugh picturing him sitting in the driver’s seat scraping the ice away off the inside of the windshield. 

Halfway through the day I decided to run on my lunch break instead of after work, so I could just go home and get warm. I did the third day of the C25K. I find running on treadmills extremely awkward. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right setting for the pace I want to run. I was trying to take it a little slower so I didn’t go back to work all gross and sweaty. I think I set it just a little too slow for me because I felt really disjointed the entire time. I felt like a marionette doll- none of my body parts were working together!  I didn’t know what to do with my hands, and when I started focusing on them my running form declined into this ridiculous, clumsy foot stomping. When I focused on that, my breathing got out of whack, then my shoulders were too tight. I was really glad to be done with it.

On the plus side, I finished the first week of the Couch to 5K! On to week 2!

Also, I joined the Nerd Fitness Rebellion just in time to start a 6 week challenge, and my main quest is to keep working out all through winter. I made too many excuses last year and quit going to the gym. Mainly, I blame the treadmill for being too boring. This year, I created a plan, or quest, for the Nerd Fitness challenge to help encourage me to keep doing something. I assigned a points system to each workout, and so far, I earned 2 points for two days of drinking water (which is really impressive, because I rarely drink water) and 5 points for the run. I plan to do a run and a strength workout tonight to keep up with it. Back on the treadmill tonight for some interval running.


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