Checking In – Today’s Run

In order to stick to my workout plan, I need to run three more times this week and I really wanted to make today a running day. I packed up my gym bag and toted it off to work. I was going to force myself to run on the treadmill, although I wind up running a shorter distance with greater effort, and I hate it. At the end of the day I decided I really hated the treadmill THAT MUCH and I’d rather just drive home and bundle up to run outside before it got too dark. Maybe running on the treadmill would have been a better idea – it’s pretty cold out there! I think I jinxed us all when I said it was unseasonably warm a few days ago.

I bundled myself up and set out. Even though I know the longer runs are SUPPOSED to be slower, I always cross my fingers that I’ll surprise myself and beat a mile in fifteen minutes, and then there will be much rejoicing – so far, not quite there yet. Hit my mile at about 16:30, but the really awesome part is that I ran the whole time… in the cold… on snowy sidewalks. My legs were a little mad at me, but not too bad – the frustrating part is how my nose runs because it’s winter, so every other breath is a giant sniff. I think it throws off my breathing a little, and I’m learning that breathing the wrong way actually tires me out a lot faster. I’m hoping to see some improvement as the weather warms up.

My run was supposed to be 30 minutes, but I cut it short by ten minutes because it was getting dark and I’m not about to test my night vision looking for icy patches. I’ll stop for dinner and then jump back into weights or yoga or zumba or whatever youtube video I land on tonight.

Hey, another cool thing is that I can compare previous runs with Garmin Connect (Thanks for the GPS watch, Mom!) and I just compared my last three slower recovery runs:

January 9th: average speed: 3.3 mph – avg pace: 18:09 mile/min

January 18: average speed: 3.4 mph – avg pace: 17:29 mile/min

January 23: average speed: 3.5 mph – avg pace: 16:57 mile/min



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