In Your Pants

So I had to wear jeans to work today – actually, I wear jeans everyday, but today they are denim and every other day they are black. More business appropriate. I am preparing myself to face all of the people who will wonder why my attire is so casual today and am trying to figure out how to do so with brevity : “I’m having some car trouble and it had to be towed to a garage last night right after work, which left me without any pants.”

I said it in my head and it made me crack up, and I realized it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to say it out loud to anyone. Why wasn’t I wearing my work pants if this happened right after work? I was in my running clothes, and my work clothes were in my gym bag… which was in the car.

Car issues should be fixed soon! and in a not super expensive way! which makes me a happy girl. It also means my routine can go back to (basically) normal.

My run last night, by the way, was tough, but I’m pretty sure it’s just because I was on the treadmill and not outside. I noticed that my upper body muscles were really tense and, although I wasn’t breathing as hard as when I run outside,  I felt like it was taking more out of me than a normal outside run. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the treadmill. I took it easy on myself and did the 2nd day of the C25K, Week 3. I also did some lifting using the machines at the gym. I know how to use most of them, but I’m never sure if I’m using the right ones, or in the right order. Normally I just search for strength training videos on Youtube, but I’d like to get a little more knowledgable about weight lifting and like, the muscle groups, and figure out a good routine. I didn’t feel any knee pain, and that’s awesome!


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