A little disgruntled, but hey, the weather is beautiful!

Finished up the third week of the Couch to 5K today. The weather is ABSOLUTELY beautiful outside. Makes me so happy! But I think we’re supposed to get more snow tomorrow, about 4-6 inches. Ugh.

I loaded up with all my fancy gear – yesterday my mom gave me an armband to hold my iphone while I run. The band is just a little too small for my big fat arm, so it’s a little tight when I run. Kind of constricts the forward swinging motion, but I think it just felt weird because I’m not used to having so much stuff strapped to me. Also, I’ve been lifting weights and added yoga and strength training to my running schedule, so maybe my arms will slim down! *crosses fingers*

I also had my Garmin Forerunner and my jacket on, and honestly, I’ve never been so technicolored in my life. My clothing collection has always consisted of a homogeneous selection of black t-shirts, jeans, and dark hoodies. When I started running, I wore a pair of black basketball shorts and whatever t-shirt I grabbed out of the dresser. Eventually I kind of fell in love with bright, flashy gear. A pair of bright green sneakers, an electric pink jacket, a light green GPS watch, purple armband, red headphones. I used to run on the treadmill when no one else was in the gym because I was shy, but at some point in my running career, I said, “I’m going out in public,” which really takes guts when you’re a little overweight and you’re embarrassed and nervous and worried people will make fun of you. It paid off – people smile and say hi on the running paths, and people are really supportive at races, which are things that make me want to run more! No one makes fun of me, and if they did, I’d tell them exactly what they can do with their opinion. Running has made me braver and less likely to care about what other people think. Thanks, running!

The run itself was kind of a let-down. 23 minutes, out of which I ran only nine minutes and walked 14 minutes. 1.33 miles. Most of the songs were either way too fast or too slow for me to run to. The last song on my playlist (Message in a Bottle, The Police) was a little faster than my comfortable pace. I kept up with it for as long as I could, but just couldn’t keep my legs going that fast for more than two minutes! It’s good to have something to reach for.  I’m hoping to see increased mileage during each run this year, because it’s starting to feel like I’m working hard and not getting a lot of results. Times like this I start to wonder if I’m doing something wrong. As my husband told me, some days you got it, and some days you don’t.

My husband and I are spending the rest of today just relaxing and marathoning Deadliest Catch. It’s my background noise while I log, blog, create some new playlists, and set up some lunches and snacks for the rest of the week! I went to our local farmer’s market and picked up a bunch of fruits and vegetables – I’ll be making a big salad and I’ll take some of it for lunch every day with chicken, beef or fish. Yum!


4 thoughts on “A little disgruntled, but hey, the weather is beautiful!

  1. I used to feel embarrassed running in public. But then I decided it was what I wanted, and I didn’t care what others thought. Enjoy your rest, and try running without music, or just listen to podcasts. I tend to put some blues or folk music on, that way I can regulate my pace better .

    • I’ve read articles about people who have had people throw things at them and yell horrible things while running, and I was worried that would happen to me. At this point now, I don’t care too much about what complete strangers think or say about me! I like the idea of listening to a podcast! That would be a good time to catch up on things I’m super behind on. I’m going to try to make some running playlists that are maybe a little more realistic about the pace I can run.

  2. I love, love, love your blog name! 🙂

    I don’t know if you saw it, but I recently wrote a post about my experience with the c25k!


    I don’t listen to music, but I know lots of people have their playlists posted~ seems like it might be a trial and error till you find the right mix.

    I also love to run in colors. I went from being totally self-conscious about what ppl think when they see me, to not caring at all (plus most of the running community is awesome & super-supportive!) Yesterday I ran in a bright pink headband, teal jacket over my camo and pink tech shirt, and bright pink compression (perhaps a different shade of pink) socks. My daughter just shakes her head at me….lol

    • Wow, thank you for that post. I really needed to hear that. I’ve been running for about six months and sometimes it feels like I’ll never run farther or faster. I try to remember that everyone is different, but sometimes it’s discouraging! So far, I’m into my fourth week, which is the farthest I’ve ever gotten in the C25K! I used to run solely on the treadmill and I quit several times in week 1 because it was so boring. Listening to music (or just having something to distract me!) is definitely helping but I just need to find the right mix.

      I love the support of the running community! My first 5K, I ran about 3/4 mile before I had to stop and walk. When I decided to pick up and run again, other runners were on their way back and someone passed me and said, “You’re doing a great job.” It totally made my day!

      I haven’t signed up for my next 5K yet, but I can’t wait to run one wearing some kind of fun costume! I’m picturing…. bright knee-high socks and a tutu!

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