Trying to Make it to Spring

We’ve had lots of winter weather this week. A big snowstorm on Monday kept me home from work, and last night ice descended upon us, and I’m home from work again today. I’m glad I was able to go to work on Tuesday, because that’s where the treadmill is. It wasn’t safe to run outside, so I hit the treadmill for the first day of the fourth week of the Couch to 5K. I tried to run each running portion at 4 mph but it proved to be a little too fast. This week introduces three minute and five minute runs with walking intervals, and I got a stitch in my side on my second running interval! I took some deep breaths and knocked the speed down a few notches for the last bit of running and was able to get through the whole thing. When it comes to the C25K, I follow the time recommendations, not the distance. At one point in this week, they tell you to walk 1/8 of a mile, or walk for a minute and a half. If you wanted to walk 1/8 mile in a minute and a half, you’d have to be walking to the pretty speedy tune of 5 miles per hour. Ha! C25K, you’re crazy. I like it. But I’ll follow the time recommendations, thanks. Maybe when I build up more strength I’ll come back and try this again and aim to run it for the distance!

It was another tough treadmill run. My calves get pretty tired pretty quickly and I think the gym must be kind of stuffy because it’s like an effort to get a breath of fresh air. I’m eager to do the next day outside and compare the two runs.

I was going to finish this post by writing about how today was really boring because the ice prevented me from leaving the house, and I couldn’t get out and do anything I wanted, but I actually did quite a lot today.

I cleared off the kitchen table, which is usually a catch-all for coupons, candles, books, and newspapers. An awesome friend of mine sent me some great music to help get me through the boredom. With some space to actually do something at the table, I sat down and wrote some letters to friends. I drew in my sketchbook and wrote a short story. My husband and I ate lunch and went for a walk to assess the damage from the recent storm. I took some great pictures. I sat down to write this post, and then realized it was still light outside, so I laced up my sneakers and did my slower recovery run. I hadn’t been planning a run for today, but as soon as I thought about it, I kept staring out the window wistfully. Finally my husband realized what I was doing and said, “So, you’re going out for a run?”

It was a pretty good run! They did a great job clearing the ice off the sidewalks here at my apartment complex, so there weren’t too many snowy/icy patches. There were tons of deep puddles, so I had to readjust my running route a lot – I had to stop and turn around several times and it kind of slowed me down. You know, if you’re already running, it’s easier to tell yourself to keep running than it is to tell yourself to pick up again and get going. Once you stop, your brain is like… “Oh! If I stop running, the pain ends! I could get used to this.” Once I had run 1 mile, I decided to turn back because I was getting bored of running back and forth between puddles on this one stretch of sidewalk. I managed 1.18 miles in about 20 minutes. My average speed was pretty good for a slower run, and I didn’t take too many walk breaks. Not bad for my impromptu run!


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