Blogging about Running: A Recap

I came here today with a topic in my head, but I wasn’t sure if I’d written about it yet, so I skimmed through all my previous posts. It was a relatively short jaunt down memory lane, but it was kind of cool to see how far I’ve come. I’ve run many miles in the past year – actually, that’s kind of a funny story.

I started logging runs in November 2013. Before I got my GPS watch, I used to draw out my routes and estimate my distance and times …. it was INCREDIBLY inaccurate! Not to put down mapmyrun, you guys helped me a lot when I started out, but my only options are to map the distance by road mileage which wouldn’t be accurate, or I can try to find the path or sidewalk I was on, and the GPS watch doesn’t make me do all that work. My mileage was really inflated and I could only round my time to the nearest minute. I logged longer runs in November 2013 than in January 2014, so part of me is like,” Ack! You’re getting worse!” but I have to remind myself that data is totally untrustworthy! 

Sifting through the posts, I can tell my emotions are all over the place from day to day; I’m happy, I’m sad. I’m improving, I suck. Honestly, I’m just glad I’m sticking with it, and the evidence is there. I can run farther without stopping, I can keep running longer without stopping, my legs are stronger, and my mile has come down from 17-18 min/mile pace to 15-16 min/mile. I’m excited for summer to get here – I can’t wait to find new running routes! 

Also, I found out about a 5K that’s happening in at a winery in town in May and I realized I haven’t signed up for any 5Ks this year! I signed up for a mud event in May that was kind of really expensive and I think the sticker shock made me wary about signing up for anything else. I think I’ll sign up for that 5K when registration opens, and probably one of the Color Runs if I can convince some family members to join me… I’ll probably end up walking that one, but it looks like fun! I think I’ll sign up for the same October & December races I did last year. Other than that, I need to start searching locally for races! What races is everyone else doing this year?

By the way, the topic I was going to write about was that although I am a very slow runner, I still consider myself a runner. I am not jogging. You might call me fat, but I don’t. I don’t think I look like the weight the scale tells me I am. I’m frustrated when clothes don’t fit well because I feel like I’m being restricted, not able to fulfill my potential. I get the sense sometimes that people count me out before seeing what I can actually do. I’m an administrative assistant, but that doesn’t mean I’m only here to answer the phone and take messages. Today I asked someone how I could help them, and they were like, “We probably won’t need anything from you, we’re looking for reports and statements and etc.” and I was like “….yeah, those reports and statements, I create them. I organize them. This is directly under the purview of what I do every day. I’m awesome. Try me.” 


One thought on “Blogging about Running: A Recap

  1. Good job on the improvements you are making. As long as you keep running, you will get even better, be it speed, endurance, distance…
    Keep having the confidence you have, that is the best thing you can do for yourself.
    Loved this post!

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