Running Fuel

I guess the frustration I’ve been feeling about how my day has been going really amped me up, because I ran a mile in 14:14! That’s over thirty seconds faster than I’ve ever run a mile. I managed a total of 1.65 miles on today’s run, pretty good for only being able to run for twenty five minutes!

Today was a speed interval day, and usually I walk or run slow for two minutes and then break into a fast run  for thirty seconds. I’m normally going from an effort level of like 2 or 3 to an effort level of 8 or 9. I decided to switch it up today with speed play – I’d walk or jog until I felt like speeding up and then slow down again when I really needed to. And I decided not to push too fast with my speedy running, so I was able to hold onto a faster pace for longer. I was listening to music, and decided to try to keep up with the faster songs. I think I realized today that trying to run with a longer stride isn’t as important as focusing on how many times my feet actually hit the ground. Songs on my running playlist that helped me today: Oasis’ Wonderwall, I Just Can’t Wait to be King from Disney’s The Lion King, and … Holding out for a Hero, which I kept up with for quite a bit, and I think is something like a ten minute mile pace. YES! I am super happy.

I also think the Wooster helped. If you haven’t heard, a wooster is half wolf, half rooster. It was the mascot of this year’s ultimate scavenger hunt, GISHWHES. (the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) and I was on a team with my sister and husband and a bunch of our friends, and some new friends from Michigan. We did awesome and ridiculous things, like I work scuba gear to a children’s ballet class. I gave blood wearing my wedding veil. (First time I ever gave blood, I’ve always been to scared of needles.) We invented things, created art, made movies, all in the name of charity and having fun. My sister bought me an awesome knit cap with an embroidered Wooster. I set out on my run and realized I’d forgotten it, so I turned back and picked it up. Even with that delay, I managed a really good run.


One thought on “Running Fuel

  1. Great way to start the weekend!

    Have you read Born to Run? The author points out that the famously speedy Tarahumara runners run with short strides and land on the balls of their feet.

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