C25K, week 4

I’m off work today and I have a few errands to take care of, so I’m going to try to keep this post short and sweet. (yeah, how many times have I said that before & wound up staring at the computer screen for an hour, typing then erasing then re-typing?)

I finished the fourth week of the Couch to 5K last night. Most of the weeks have gone like this: Day 1 is kind of really hard but I push through as best I can. Day 2 is getting easier but is still a challenge. Day 3 feels a lot stronger and I feel great about having finished another week.

Week 4, I’m happy about getting through it, but it didn’t really get any easier. I might do Week 4 one more time. It seemed like the first big jump to longer runs with shorter intervals. I always get through the first three minute run and think, “Oh my god… I have to do a five minute run, then ANOTHER three minute run then ANOTHER five minute run. I’ll never make it.” I always make it because I hate the idea of giving up when I’m so close! I mean, it’s not like I haven’t run for more than five minutes before- but the structure and timing of the C25K makes it more of a challenge.

Also, I’m pretty sure this cold isn’t helping. We’re in for another big snowstorm tomorrow. Last night was tough because I hopped out the door, realized it was freezing and decided I should probably warm up a little better, so I hopped back inside and stretched a little, jumped around a little, lunges, kicks, running in place. Just trying to get the muscles warmed up a little. As soon as I got back outside though, it was like my legs were covered in ice, and when I started running, I had to ease into it to break the ice off. Made a new running playlist, so it was nice to try out a few songs. I had trouble keeping pace with some of the faster songs because of the cold. When I got home, my legs were all tingly, and I’m not sure if it was from the run or the cold!

In other fun news yesterday/today, my friend Claire sent me a cute little care package! She got me a little travel towel which I promptly threw into my gym bag for when I run on the treadmill. She also got me an AWESOME hoodie! Image

AND today I was perusing Youtube and found a vlogbrothers video that immediately taught me dozens of new songs to play on my guitar and that makes me happy: The Ice Cream Changes


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