A Change of Scenery

Yesterday I had off for Lincoln’s Birthday (Thank you, Mr. Lincoln!) so I went out to get a few items I would need for Valentine’s Day treats for my husband. We decided no gifts this year, but we’re going to write each other a love letter, and he’ll cook dinner and I’ll make dessert. It’s nice that Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year – I plan to pop open one of the bottles of champagne from the fridge… they’ve been waiting for a special occasion.

I slept in later than I planned so I got up, got dressed, ate a quick breakfast, and rushed to the store to beat the snowstorm crazies.  Yes, we have ANOTHER giant snowstorm. They had ripped through the bread aisle and were busy taking up most of the aisle with their nearly empty carts. Seriously, if you’re only buying three items, don’t get a cart. and get out of my way. I needed milk for my Valentine’s Day dessert, so I grabbed a gallon, along with cereal & fruit. Then some lady in the checkout line behind me starts mocking all those people going nuts buying bread and milk. She’s like, “come on… do you really not have enough milk for one day?” and I looked at her and said, “No. I actually do need milk.”

By the time I got home, I was considering canceling my scheduled run for the day – yesterday was my longer slow run day, and usually I only run for about half an hour, just at a slower pace. I only net like 1.25 miles because I’m a slowpoke & there’s still snow on the ground. I had planned to run for longer to try to get at least two miles in, but I knew I’d have to be out for about an hour to get that mileage and I couldn’t find the motivation. I’m getting bored of running in circles on the sidewalks in my apartment complex. But then I got bored of sitting around watching TV… so I went running.

I went to Veteran’s Park which has paved trails….the township did a better job of clearing the walking paths at the park than they did clearing my street. It was a welcome change of scenery! I aimed for two miles. It was great to switch up the terrain a little – the park has some hills and inclines which really wiped me out. I hit the one mile mark at 15 minutes 15 seconds, and the two mile mark at 33 minutes. For a slow run day, that first mile time is awesome. For any run day, a second mile which isn’t drastically slower than the first mile is also awesome! I’m glad I went out for the run yesterday, because today we got buried under like a foot of snow.  I might be signing up for a 5K or two soon…


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