I just can’t wait for Spring

I can feel it coming, but winter’s holding on tight to us for now. We’ve had so much snow and ice lately – the piles of snow lining the roads and parking lots are going to be there until at least April. Will it ever be warm again?

It has been very busy here – Friday was Valentine’s Day, and my husband and I had planned out our whole day, but then I woke up to a crash, which was definitely not planned. One of my husband’s favorite mugs had tried to fight gravity, and gravity won. I knew he was disappointed, so I searched online, found the mug even though they had stopped making them two years ago, and bought it! I told him I had accidentally bought him a Valentine’s Day gift, so he returned the favor with our next book to read! I recently bought Looking For Alaska by John Green, and started reading it out loud, and then it became our little nightly book club book – We’d read together and discuss. I told Gary he could pick our next book, and he bought me something he knew I really wanted – The Fault in Our Stars, also by John Green. On Valentine’s Day, he cooked dinner (chicken parmigiana with french fries) and I made dessert (chocolate pudding with strawberries & raspberries topped with whipped cream, and cream cheese squares) and we popped open a bottle of champagne. We shared our love letters with each other – I wrote my love letter in a blog post, and he made a sweet video of him singing and playing his bass. We got up to Chapter 5 in TFIOS. It was really an awesome night.

On Saturday, I had to go to work at the election polls, and it was supposed to snow even more! Our friend Danielle came to hang out in the morning for breakfast and we all ate at a bagel place in Pennington (Pennington Bagel… the name says it all). She and Gary gallavanted around Princeton for the afternoon (and getting cupcakes at House of Cupcakes) while I spent the rest of the day handing out ballots and chit-chatting. If you know one thing about me, know I am not a chit-chatter. One person would come in to vote and tell us the snow was starting to stick and the roads were slick, and then another person would come in and say, “Everything’s fine. The snow is stopping.” I got home all right, and the roads weren’t too bad, but because it’s a weekend, the sidewalks aren’t getting a lot of attention. I ran my speed intervals on Friday but had to cut my run short because the snow we got last week had melted into giant sneaker-devouring puddles. I kept hitting watery obstacles, and I could barely run a tenth of a mile before I had to stop and either pick my way around a puddle or turn around. I am not about to ruin these sneakers. I’m hoping to get out today to do Couch to 5K Week 4, Day 3.1 today but I’m feeling a little lazy!


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