Couch to 5K, Week 5, Day 1

This five minute blog thing will never work out! Already on my first day, I’ve wasted two minutes already doing research on something I want to write about and talking to my husband. We’ll have to come to a compromise on this…

So I finished the fourth week of the C25K last week and didn’t really feel like I’d finished the week off strong. Not enough walking time between the longer runs for me, I think – just knowing I only had a minute and a half to cool down before I had to run for five minutes was kind of stressful. I was going to do that week over again, which they recommend if you don’t feel prepared to move on, but I checked out week five, and it seemed way more doable than week four, so I steamed ahead. Actually, I didn’t so much steam ahead as I was pushed out the door by my husband – I had been laying on the couch under a really warm blanket and has absolutely no motivation on Sunday. 

Really great songs on my playlist, really cold weather – my fingers started to freeze during the five minute warm-up walk, but I made it through the run fine. 

Ack! I’m writing a six minute blog now!

I have been reading other blogs about the C25K, and is there only one plan? It seems that some people are talking about run/walk intervals that I’m not seeing on my chart.

8 minute blog! Not bad. 



7 thoughts on “Couch to 5K, Week 5, Day 1

  1. Never tried a C25K plan, but focusing on what’s ahead always throws off my pace and breathing. Intervals must be tough on cold days. Good job sticking with it!

    • Thanks! Once I get going with my run, I warm up a bit and the intervals aren’t so bad. It is a little tough to get into a comfortable pace when I’m switching from running to walking so often… it would be nice if I could set up my GPS watch to beep at the start of each interval so I could run without having to check my watch to keep track of the time.

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