Couch to 5K, Week 5, Day 2

On Thursday, I ran Day 2 of the fifth week of the Couch to 5K. This week is when the time intervals start getting longer, and I was a little intimidated by the longer runs. Day 2 starts with a five minute warmup, then an eight minute run, a five minute walk, and you finish off with an eight minute run. It doesn’t look that bad, right? Yeah.

I considered doing Day 1 again because I wasn’t sure I was ready for these longer runs, but something deep down inside me said, “just do it.” I’m not sure if that inner voice is really positive or really sadistic.

I started out my warmup with some brisk walking and jogging, still giving that running as a warmup thing a try. It took a couple of minutes for my GPS watch to find me, so my warmup kept going and going and going – I’m not sure how far I went, so unfortunately, I couldn’t count it as part of my mileage for the day. FINALLY the stupid watch beeped. Ok, I can stop running now… and start my run.

I did a three minute warmup walk because I had already been warming up for an undetermined amount of time and I was antsy to start running. First eight minute interval – about two minutes in, my thighs were ON FIRE. and I still have six minutes left of this? This isn’t normal… is it too soon in my warmup experiment to determine that running/jogging sucks too much energy out of me? By the grace of God and my own sheer stubbornness, I made it to eight minutes, and thus began the happiest five minutes of my life. While I walked my five minute walk of relief and happiness, I wondered if I should just run for six minutes instead of eight, and then try again another day to see Day 2 completely to the end. I was dodging lots of puddles and changing my route to avoid the really deep ones, and wound up walking along the street. At about four minutes, thirty seconds, my husband drove by, honking the horn and yelling, “hey, sexy!” Come on now… the neighbors are looking! Blushing half from embarrassment and half from gratitude, I realized I was coming up to the end of my five minute walk, and my legs didn’t hurt anymore. Ok, we’ll do the eight minute run.

This time I tried to pay attention to leaning forward from my ankles – my thighs didn’t hurt so much, but my glutes sure felt the change. I made it all the way to the end of eight minutes, passing the two kids standing in the MIDDLE OF THE SIDEWALK for the third time (seriously, you see me coming, just move out of the way), and also passing my neighbor standing with his front door open so he could smoke (at this point, my huffing and puffing was hitting its peak and I got a nice lungful of second-hand smoke… thanks!).

Kind of can’t believe I did it… Day 3 has a twenty minute run. I’ve never ever run for that long, not even during a 5K. Will I make it? We shall see.


3 thoughts on “Couch to 5K, Week 5, Day 2

  1. A lot of people get caught up on Week 5 Day 3 because it seems long, but the program has got you this far and your body is trained to cope with the extra running. The trick is to keep it nice and slow and don’t be afraid to slow down a bit more (but keep running/jogging) if you feel it’s too much. Can’t wait to hear all about it! 🙂

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