Slow Run Saturday, Thanks for the Cold

My husband is really too generous. He gave me his cold. He’d been fighting off his cold since last Saturday, and the following Friday, when I woke up with a sore throat, I knew my time had come.

I took off work on Friday because my theory is, at the first hint of sickness, cut it off at the pass! Drown it in vitamin C and ginger ale and cough drops! Well, it didn’t really work, but I’m too stubborn to admit defeat, so I went along with life pretending that nothing was wrong.

My slow recovery run was scheduled for Saturday, so I geared up and hit the road. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. I went to Veteran’s Park to take advantage of both the paved pathways and the fact that it’s a large park with several trails, so I could really maybe run more than a mile and a half.

The running as a warm up experiment: So I tried to start off today with a simple jog. There’s a pretty straight quarter mile from the parking lot to the woods, so I alternated jogging and walking out to the first marker and then back to the starting point. After I got back, I took a couple minutes to stretch before starting up my regular run. I learned two things. 1) I don’t really have a “jog” pace. When I tried to jog for my warm-up, I realized I was just running the slow version of my regular run pace. The next gear down on my legs is brisk walking. When I started my actual run, I could feel that I had already exerted 1/2 mile’s worth of my workout energy, which leads me to think that 2) maybe I should just do the brisk walk for my warm-up, with no running or jogging. The whole point is just to warm up my muscles and get them ready to run, right?

The run itself: Running is kind of hard when your lungs aren’t at their most efficient. The fresh air was good for me, but I am still getting over this cold. I had to take lots of walk breaks for puddles, downed branches, one very icy patch which nearly took me out twice, and to catch my breath. On the positive side, my legs weren’t sore, although I guess I could say they didn’t get much of a workout. My foot started falling asleep during the running portions of my run at about a mile and a half, but it wasn’t as uncomfortable as it has been. 2.64 miles, 47 minutes. I was almost nervous to write that, because I don’t want people to know how much of a slowpoke I really am… Yes, I am a slowpoke, but I am also really proud that I went out for a run and netted more than a mile and a half.



2 thoughts on “Slow Run Saturday, Thanks for the Cold

  1. Well done for getting out there and doing your run, especially as you’re not feeling 100%. As for being slow, there’s nothing wrong with that; it’s definitely the best way to train if you want to run further. 😉

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