Just a Quick Post-Cold Run

After being laid up for a week with this cold, I got up early today and got out for a nice, short run. Just a little something to remind my lungs what they’ve been missing. The weather is warmer today than it has been lately, it’s been absolutely bitter. We’re getting more snow tomorrow and Monday! I’m totally just tired of snow, but I figure if I act like I’m excited about it now, maybe the happy feelings will carry over into tomorrow and I won’t be so angry when we get 12+ inches. I’m already expecting work to be cancelled. Of course, now that I’m counting on it, they won’t cancel, and I’ll have to get up super early to clean off my car.

I ran about a mile with no distinct plan, alternating running and walking. Just wanted to do something quick and easy to warm back up before a longer run. I’m going to tackle the next day of the Couch to 5K tomorrow – there’s a solid twenty minute run in my future. If today is any indication, it’s not going to be easy, but I think it will be manageable.

Yesterday, I started another purchasing course – I’m learning the business of spending government money. It’s my second course – there were about 25 students in the first course, and there are only 8 in this one. 8. Our exam for the first class was tough – I think either a lot of people got scared off or switched to teacher they hope will be easier. I like the smaller group – I know most of the people from the last class so I don’t feel so stupid when I say something dumb, which I’m sure is inevitable.

Tonight we’re going to a dinner/ awards thing. Neither of us is receiving any award, but there will be free food and dancing. But we don’t know anyone. I’m going to choose to look at this as an adventure. I’m actually going to pretend I’m Doctor Who and think to myself WWTDD what would The Doctor do?

Tomorrow we meet a friend “in the middle” for our first Art Assignment. They’re already on a second one? Yikes! Better catch up! Guess we’ll be doing two at once. Expect pictures.


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