Back to interval training

I’ve been running fartleks on my fast runs for the past few weeks- speeding up when I feel like it, slowing down when I feel like it. It’s been fun and I’ve beat some of my time goals doing it. But yesterday, oh, yesterday.

I had class in the morning and brought my gear so I could run in a nearby park, Duke Island Park. My class is an hour from my house, and I wanted to explore a new area. It’s been a few days since my last run – we’ve had a busy week! I warmed up and started my music, and in the first few seconds of my run it became apparent that I had no idea what I was doing. Not having a clear plan + taking a few days off = 1 really exhausted Sarah whose arms and legs didn’t want to run. I felt like the Tinman and I needed oil! I ran about a quarter mile and realized it wasn’t going to work for me. I was exhausting myself after just a few seconds. I switched it up and tried running intervals because I probably needed some structure to get back into the swing of things. Walk/ slower pace run for two minutes, fast for thirty seconds. Much better!

The paths were kind of wet from melting snow, and some were still covered, but I found a great trail running along a river. I hit a mile before I even knew what was happening. During my walk intervals, I got passed by some speedy walking lady. I tried to walk at her pace but, man, she was booking it! My legs just don’t move that quickly! We played cat and mouse for a bit- she’d walk ahead of me on my walk portion and then I’d catch up to her on my run portion. I ran about 1.75 miles before the trail wound me back to my car. Still had an hour drive to go home, so I called it a day.


3 thoughts on “Back to interval training

  1. Those runs where I get tired fast and my limbs feel long and heavy are tough. Intervals were a smart choice. There are come crazy fast walkers out there.

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