Couch to 5K, Week 6, Day 1

Today we are going on a road trip to Delaware with our friend Matt! We’re going to check out his brother’s art at an art gallery – pictures may follow if I am allowed to take pictures.

I was planning to run when we got back, but it is SO BEAUTIFUL outside. My husband told me I had to go outside and take advantage of the weather.

First day of Week 6 of the Couch to 5K.
The intervals don’t seem too bad, especially coming off a twenty minute run last week. Three runs; five minutes, eight minutes, and five minutes, separated by three minute walks. I started off strong at a pace around 75% of my hardest effort and was glad when the walk came around. I took it slower on the eight minute portion, more like 50% and just started counting down the minutes. I went out without my phone today, so no running music. I liked being free of technology and just focused on enjoying running and being outside. Except then I paid more attention to how much longer I had to run.

What am I looking forward to about summer?
Not having to bundle up! Layers and heavy clothes are constricting and uncomfortable.
Sunshine on my face instead of the biting cold wind.
Being able to wear shorts. (And buying new shorts!)
Not having a runny nose! It gets old fast when every other breath is a sniffle.


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