Awesome Monday for a Run

Yes, it’s actually Thursday, but this is about my run on Monday because the weather was absolutely beautiful early this week. Such a tease! It’s completely frigid here today, and early weather reports were actually calling for more snow. NO, THANK YOU.

So I took advantage of the amazing weather and ran some speed intervals on Monday. I changed up my routine a little bit: after a warm-up walk, I ran at a comfortable pace for 1/4 mile. I also created a “track” on the sidewalks around my apartment complex – I found a loop that is almost exactly 1/4 mile from start to finish! Why am I so excited about that? Oh, because I’m a running nerd. 

So once around the “track” at my normal pace, then I tried to pick it up so a comfortably fast pace for a little bit. Then I sped up to a really hard effort, then tried to slow back down to the comfortably fast pace, then back to normal pace. That took me around the track three times, so I took one last loop, alternating walking 15 seconds & sprinting 15 seconds, just trying to push my lungs and legs out of their comfort zone. I haven’t uploaded my GPS watch data yet (it’s been a busy week), so I’m not sure how far or how fast I actually went. I think it was only about a mile total, but I thought it was good to try to push myself faster than normal. Although I’ve been adding on a lot of distance to my runs, I really haven’t been getting much faster. I think I’m not really focusing on actually trying to run faster – I think I’m just expecting it to happen as I get stronger. Then again, I’m not sure I’m actually getting stronger, as proven by my failure of a C25K run (more on that later.)

It was so nice outside though, perfect day for a run! Toward the end, I just wanted to take my jacket off and run in just my t-shirt. I never love warm weather more than at the tail end of winter, when it’s grip on us is slipping and the gray skies start to turn blue. 


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