Couch to 5K, Week 6, Day 2… what a mess

I attempted Couch to 5K Week 6, Day 2 on Tuesday. It’s a five minute warmup, ten minute run, 3 minute walk, and ends with a ten minute run. Also, notice I say ATTEMPTED.

It was raining but I figured it wouldn’t kill me because it was sort of just a drizzle, so I geared up and headed out. I had my GPS watch on, and my iPhone with me for musical motivation. I started getting a little worried about the rain ruining my tech so I headed home after my first ten minute run. 

and also, I couldn’t do it. It was so hard, I felt like I couldn’t have run the second ten minute portion. I did a pretty intense cross-training workout on Monday, but hadn’t been feeling sore until the run. Apparently, my arms and legs had taken a beating I wasn’t quite aware of! Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe it. It was like a mental wall.  When I realized I was tired and my legs were killing me, I started to believe that I wouldn’t be able to finish. I was really bummed about quitting early, but I tried to not let it beat me for too long.

I’d like to say that I kicked butt when I tried it for the second time yesterday. I certainly did not kick butt, but I did get through the whole thing. Not even my music helped me ignore the discomfort! Both legs & lungs were plotting against me. We all have days (or a whole week) where it just feels harder to run, where you’ve got some kind of mental block that the run doesn’t resolve. Maybe it’s a busy schedule, bad weather, feeling ill, or life stress, but the important thing is we get through it and come out on the other side.(and don’t quit altogether!)

I’m wondering if poor nutrition is sapping some of my strength – I haven’t quite gotten the hang of eating healthy. I almost feel like I just don’t even know what to eat. I keep thinking ‘more protein and vegetables’, but when the morning rolls around and I’m making a salad for lunch, I realize I don’t have time to cook anything and I don’t know how else to get the protein in.

I hope I’m feeling stronger soon. Tomorrow is my long run. I’m planning to go to the park – I think I could use a change of scenery. I am currently hanging out with my husband, enjoying a green cocktail tonight in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and I hope I can convince myself to wake up early and get out for my run!


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