Speed Intervals at Duke Island Park

Today was another beautiful Friday in New Jersey – Thank God it’s getting warmer! I had purchasing class today and was up until 2 AM last night trying to read the section we were going to discuss for today’s class. Our final exam is next week, and I’m not too worried about… which worries me.

After class I changed into my running gear and went to the park. There were a few people here and there enjoying the warmer weather. Today I was running (drumroll, please!) speed intervals!!! I am focusing on making the faster parts more intense and making sure I get a fair amount of rest between speedy times.

I am always in search of new recommendations for speed runs and today I read about strides. Start at whatever pace,and then increase your pace slowly until you’re running full out, then slow back down slowly and gracefully until you’re back at normal pace. I was seriously antsy all through class because I was so excited to run these intervals. It honestly sounded like fun. (when I say stuff like that, I think of myself five years ago and wonder what has taken over my brain.)

and it actually was fun. To prevent dramatic stop-short slowdown after the fast bits (like the tires screeching when you slam on the brakes), I decided to aim for level paces instead of one big gradual increase. I started out walking, then picked up the pace a little and kept the same faster pace for a few strides, then amp it up again and run that even faster pace for a few strides until I was sprinting. So when I was coming back down the other side, I forced myself to keep running and decrease bit by bit instead of just stopping short and walking. It worked. It was super tiring, but I ran a mile that way in about 15 1/2 minutes. (and I didn’t get passed by any fast walking ladies this time!) So, I can run a mile in (about) fifteen minutes, but only when I’m running speed intervals… on all my longer runs, I don’t hit the mile until about 17 minutes. Hmm. My theory is that adding focus and intensity to my speed training sessions will help my pace overall. and I need to do more strength training, because that’s been lacking a lot lately. Gotta build up that muscle.

Husband & I are visiting his sister in New York over the weekend, and we are traveling by train. I’m not sure I want to lug my gym bag all around the city, so I may not be able to run tomorrow, and will surely not be watching my caloric intake. We should be doing a fair amount of walking which should make up for some it that, and I’ll also be learning to play Dungeons & Dragons! My next C25K run might have to wait til Sunday.


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