Running in my Hometown

On Friday, after my purchasing test, I went to visit my parents (and do my laundry for free.) They live about an hour and a half away from me, so I don’t get to see them too often. It was slightly rainy, but not nearly bad enough to keep me from my run. I hung out with my mom and then headed over to a nearby neighborhood called Nalron Park. The roads are arranged in a square, it doesn’t get a lot of traffic, and it seemed pretty flat. SEEMED PRETTY FLAT <—– famous last words.

It was Couch to 5K day, so I aimed for 25 minutes. I didn’t allow myself to run slower than normal, so I had to take a few walk breaks, but it was still a satisfying, challenging run. In fact, I was sweating, which tells me that warmer weather is right around the corner (thank God). and yeah, there was an almost imperceptible downward slope heading into the neighborhood which became more noticeable when I started running up it to get out. Funny the things you notice when you’re running instead of driving. It gave me a good goal – I refused to walk until I made it to the top of the hill. Then I went back around the neighborhood and did it all over again. I also passed a herd of deer in someone’s yard, just standing there watching me run. I passed the same guy loading his truck in his driveway three times and then, later when he was driving by, he stopped and let me cross the road. The more I run, the friendlier people around me seem. The more we see each other, the more familiar we seem to be to each other, and the more we feel like we know each other. One day, I was running in the rain, and there were two kids with a basketball walking past me and one waved as he passed me. I’ve only seen them outside three or four times, and only while I was running, but we still recognized each other. There, that proves it: the more I run, the nicer other people get.


4 thoughts on “Running in my Hometown

  1. I definitely say hello to more people I don’t know when I’m running than when I’m walking – I guess maybe it’s because the fact that I’m running means they all ready know I’m crazy! 😉

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