Couch to 5K, Week 7, I don’t know what day I’m on.

All three days of Week 7 of the C25K are 25 minute runs. Today I surprised myself a little bit and ran the whole 25 minutes! It wasn’t really a surprise though – I planned for today to be a slow run, but part of me thought it would be a good time to try to run the C25K run that has been eluding me. That sneaky part of me (my heart, I guess?) tried to keep it a secret from my brain and my legs so they wouldn’t ruin the whole thing again. Third time’s the charm! I also avoided checking my watch and driving myself crazy doing the math of “how many minutes of pain are left?”

My first 20 minutes were so criminally slow, it sort of felt like cheating. When I hit about 21 minutes, I knew I’d make it, so I brought the speed up a little bit for sort of a “mild sprint” to the end. Altogether, I ran 1.42 miles, and I think this marks a milestone of the longest distance I have ever run without any walking. (yay #1!) My average speed, according to Garmin, was 3.4 miles per hour. My average speed on a regular run (normal pace + walks) is about 3.5 miles per hour, so considering this was a tougher than normal run, that pace is pretty awesome. (yay #2!) And now for my last trick – my breathing was back to normal within about two minutes! (yay #3!) I have always been out of breath for a long time after any kind of exertion. It used to take me a long time to be able to talk normally, even after, like, climbing a flight of stairs. See, there are some benefits to this running thing.

I’m not always this positive about running, guys. Some days I’m all doom and gloom and fat and slow and sad, and those days, I avoid writing blogs mainly because I don’t want anyone to think they need to make me feel better about it. I want to journal this whole running experience, the disappointment and the worry and the happiness and the… well, the doom and gloom and fat and slow and sad. I know I will have good days as well as bad. Thanks to anyone who’s reading this, thanks for your encouragement when I’m down in the dumps and thanks for sharing in my triumphs.


5 thoughts on “Couch to 5K, Week 7, I don’t know what day I’m on.

    • Some days it just feels great! All those other C25K days where I had to walk some of my 25 minutes, I could just tell I wasn’t going to make it, but today I could feel the energy. I like writing about bad days, it helps to get the frustration out!

  1. We’ll all have bad days as well as good ones, and this is a great place to get it off your chest. Apart from anything else, when we read about each other’s tough runs, we know we’re not alone; and sharing the celebration of a good run is so much sweeter as a result. Sounds like you’re doing great though. Not long now till you’re running that 30 mins / 5K! 🙂

    • The running community is fantastic, both online and on the road. The support is incredible – it definitely helps make the pain and frustration worth it.

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