Dash for Duchenne

I signed up for a 5K! It’s in less than two weeks. Part of me is like, “I only have two weeks what am I DOING?” and part of me is like, “FINALLY… took you long enough.”

The Dash for Duchenne is an 5K / family fun run held by the charity Ryan’s Quest to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. My friend Tina (who sort of got me into this running mess) is also participating. She does a lot of great work for this charity. I saw her represent Ryan’s Quest in the NJ Spring Triathlon last year at the same park where we’ll be running the 5K. I had sort of been running casually before that, but when I saw her crossing the finish line, I was so inspired. I wanted to see if I could do it… no, it was more like I HAVE TO DO THIS so I went home and signed up for my first 5K.

It looks like it will be sort of a family-centric event.  I’m a little nervous about races if I think I’m at the lower end of the fitness spectrum – I know I should only be competing against myself, but it’s never fun to be last.  I can’t find a map of the course and I know the park has some hills, so I’m not expecting a PR but I am expecting to have a good time! and hey, I get another race shirt and a bib to add to my collection of two bibs! I get that most 5Ks don’t give out medals because it’s such a short distance (at least, I’ve never gotten a medal from an actual race), but it is such a huge accomplishment for some people (like me) so a medal every once in a while would be nice to show off.

Today was supposed to be either a slow run or a C25K day, but most of my runs have been pretty slow lately so I canned both of those ideas and ran some intervals. Apparently, in order to run faster, you actually have to RUN faster. I ran fast for 1 minute, then walked /ran slow for 3 minutes. The 1 minute sprints got progressively slower as my lungs got more and more upset with me but I got another mile in 15 minutes. 15 minutes exactly. My next goal is a thirteen minute mile, which I hope to hit by the end of the summer. I almost don’t even care how slow the following miles are because I’m so freaking excited about a 15 minute mile. At the end of summer last year, I estimate that I was running splits of 18 minutes / 20 minutes / 25 minutes- that’s the best I can estimate from using a plain watch to estimate times. I can almost guarantee I’m running faster than that now, or at least walking a lot less. I’ll be wearing my GPS watch at my next race so I’ll be able to compare times better.  I’m excited to get back into a race, and I’m also excited to be helping out this charity –  I’m glad to be doing something to support it.


2 thoughts on “Dash for Duchenne

  1. Race tee shirts are the best. I know what you mean about watching people cross a finish line. It really is one of the most inspirational sights. Happy training!

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