Running Poorly on Treadmills, Handstands and Squats

This post is all about things that I’ve been doing other than running! (But it does start out with a quick running update.)

I took a few days off from running after my race on Saturday – I think the sprint to the finish line made all my muscles really sore, even my arms! I hopped on the treadmill today (yes, that machinery that I hate so much) and could barely run a quarter mile! I want to work more treadmill into my workout regime so I can try to get used to faster paces. I started out at 4 MPH, which is about what I run outside, but it’s so much harder to keep up with it on the ‘mill. Also, it was incredibly hot and I couldn’t get a breath of fresh air. Also, someone came into the gym to use the weights while I was running, and other people in the gym make me nervous. FYI: treadmills are a piece of electrical equipment which plug into a wall, so if you’re running and the electricity flickers or surges for some reason, the treadmill will suddenly turn off, sending you (still running at full speed) tumbling into the display. Just something I learned today.

I was using the treadmill because it is near the elliptical. Also, it was raining. My hips had slimmed a little bit using the elliptical; my husband recently bought us tickets to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch in New York (NEIL PATRICK HARRIS!!!!), and those theater seats are tiny! Instead of squeezing my fat butt into a seat, I’m going to slide comfortably into it. At least, that’s the plan. 15 minutes on the elliptical, doing the pre-set “glute busting” workout.

Other things I’m doing which are kind of fun: I am working on doing a handstand. I used to do handstands when I was like, really young (up against a wall, of course), and I remember also doing that knees on the elbows tripod thing. I can still do that tripod thing, but just last week I may have accidentally flipped myself head over heels, whereupon I heard a loud crack somewhere in my body (which could have also been a piece of furniture that I may have fallen into), followed by shame, embarrassment, and pain. I am planking every day and practicing semi-handstands where I put my back to the wall, put my hands on the ground and walk my feet up the wall until I am sort of in like a diagonal handstand. I’m trying to lengthen each plank/ handstand a little bit every time, and tonight my plan actually felt strong for like the first five seconds.

AND I’m also doing a squat challenge I found at Tribesports. I’m on day 3, which is 60 squats. Eventually I will work my way up to 250 squats. I’m breaking them up into sets of 10 and 15 so that I can actually do that many squats in one day.

Needless to say, my thighs and arms are a bit sore, but it’s totally worth it.


4 thoughts on “Running Poorly on Treadmills, Handstands and Squats

  1. I used to love doing handstands when I was a kid – we would spend our entire break time at school, diving onto our hands and kicking our legs in the air trying to keep up, only to come crashing down on our backs. We used to bounce quite well back then, but I’m not sure I would manage it these days – although after reading your post I’m almost tempted to try one. 😉

    • I’m having a lot of fun with it! I never thought I’d be able to do it, although I definitely still have the fear of tipping over and falling on my head!

    • The handstands are fun, although once I get upside-down it doesn’t always seem like the best idea! My husband and I went to see Newsies on Broadway last year and we were so uncomfortable the whole time due to the skinny seats! It’s a major downside.

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