Nerdfighter Book Club!

and another thing: I love to read. I was an English major because I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do than read, which of course, resulted in a degree that basically makes me a professional reader of the English language. (as well as like, an editor and critic and analyst and frankly, a writer, and all sorts of other things, an English degree is not necessarily the end of the world like some people like to imply)

I also love watching Vlogbrothers videos because I like to learn about a lot of stuff that I don’t know anything about, and their videos are fun and informative, and they give you lots of resources to research further into the topics they talk about, as well as just being kind of cool down to earth people. I have found a lot of new things to love thanks to the Vlogbrothers. One of them happens to be an author, and reading his books out loud to each other is how my husband and I started our own little book club. 

I am part of another book club with a group of friends – it started out as a bunch of people I worked with and then dwindled to a smaller group but is now growing again. We meet about once a month and we rotate who picks the books so we read a wide variety of books. It’s awesome because I’ve found so many books that I loved but would never have heard of or picked up on my own. 

In today’s Vlogbrother’s video, John Green mentioned a Nerdfighter Book Club, and Nerdfighter + Book Club are two concepts I am a huge fan of, especially when they’re put together. The first book is Behind the Beautiful Forevers, which (SCORE) I have already read in my monthly book club. Can’t wait to get into discussion with other nerdfighters. Yes!


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