Runner’s World Power Yoga for Runners

This is the yoga session I did today.

Power Yoga for Runners

I’m just posting the link here so I can find it easily when I want to do this again. Some of these stretches are really good, but some of them are a little difficult when you’ve got thicker thighs or some belly in your way (like I do.) There are also a lot of other poses on that page that look like really good stretches.

Quick Question: Am I the only person who can’t do push-ups on my knees because it hurts my kneecaps? I tried putting a pillow or towel under my legs to help but then I just slide around.


4 thoughts on “Runner’s World Power Yoga for Runners

  1. It’s nice to have all these poses laid out in one place. Thanks!

    Have you tried doing the knee push-ups on a yoga mat? It may stop the sliding and provide some cushion. I’m a fan of plank push-ups! I’ve never tried them on my knees, but I can see how it would hurt the kneecaps.

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