Squeezing in a Friday Night Run

Last night my husband and I were going to a dinner with a bunch of my co-workers. Then my husband got a cold… so my sister came with me! It was an incredibly slow day at work – it usually gets slow right before a holiday for some reason. Like, mind-numbingly slow. Like, so slow I can’t even find work to pretend to do to look busy.

I rushed home and went out for a quick run. Since I’ll be doing a long run on Monday night, and maybe going for a long hike tomorrow, I decided to get my fast run out of the way. I wasn’t very speedy… I tried to ignore my watch and just speed up and slow down as my body needed but I didn’t get much of a workout that way. It took me 17 minutes to complete a mile and at that point I had to head home and shower and get ready for dinner.

Today I am doing some yoga and maybe I’ll find some other workout videos to do. I have the day off, but I am sort of home-bound on poop-watch (yes, poop-watch) because I believe our cat Zooey (AKA Bug) ate some yarn, and I need to make sure she doesn’t start throwing up or acting strange. This is not the first time we’ve had issues with the cat eating stringy items (shoelaces, bits of balloon, cell phone chargers cords) but this is the longest item she’s ever eaten so I’m hoping it all passes ok, because if the yarn gets stuck, the only other alternative is surgery. She loves (to eat) yarn. Freaking cats.


4 thoughts on “Squeezing in a Friday Night Run

    • Our little weirdo is notoriously sneaky – she once chewed through our Verizon FIOS cord and left us internet-less for a few days. It was like the dark ages.

    • Some cats are just awesome and not annoying, but we got a “unique” one. I used to work at a vet, and we had dogs come in who ate socks, toys, and bottles of shampoo! Once we had a dog who ate an entire jar of petroleum jelly!

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