The Story of Bug

This is the story of Bug, who ate four feet of yarn on Thursday and ruined everyone’s Easter weekend. Bug is our nickname for our cat, Zooey. She is lucky she’s adorable and fluffy and semi-sweet because otherwise, I’d kill her.

She did eat yarn on Thursday. Quite a bit of yarn, in fact. About four feet. How in the world did she fit it all in that little furry body? The stupidity of our pets when it comes to eating inanimate objects will never cease to amaze me.

I had been planning a hike with my friend Carrie on Saturday, so I stayed home all Friday and monitored the Bug to see if she’d either puke it up or poop it out. Apologies in advance, because I know that medical stuff kind of grosses people out (not me so much, obviously) but I won’t get too detailed with the gross bits – if you’re not interested in reading about our adventures in the animal digestive tract, skip to the next post to read about my hike (and subsequent tick bite and trip to the emergency room!)

So obviously some of the yarn didn’t fit in there because she puked up about five inches of yarn on Saturday (while I was eating lunch with my friend after our hike). My husband took her to the vet and they did an x-ray. Thankfully, they didn’t see any obstruction (obstructions caused by strings and ribbons and yarn are called a linear foreign body). The doc said she didn’t see anything concerning at all on the x-ray, but they could tell she had poop inside her (isn’t that interesting? you can see poop on an x-ray), so they gave her some fluids and a high-fiber diet to try to push it all out. I rushed home, found some gloves, and started going through her litter box. Yes, it’s icky, but I had to check in her poop for yarn to track how much came out. I found two six inch lengths of yarn in the litter box on Saturday. We were supposed to go to my in-laws for Easter dinner, but I wanted to stay with Bug just in case she threw up again (which she did… no yarn though) or in case she pooped yarn and it got stuck on the way out (which has happened before).  So I stayed with her all day on Sunday, and I took a half day on Monday, because she just … she wasn’t herself, and hadn’t pooped in two days & it seemed like a long time. It was probably just because she’d thrown up so much and didn’t have a lot in her stomach. Finally on Monday morning… we had poop with yarn in it! 30 inches of yarn. 30 INCHES OF YARN. She feels much better now and is totally back to her old tricks. and we have learned another lesson about how crafty our cat is, because that yarn was inside a drawer in the bedroom, and I can’t be sure that she didn’t open it herself.

What does this have to do with running? Well, this is the reason I didn’t go running all weekend. I actually put my squat challenge on hold as well, just because I was really so worried about the cat. I have been keeping up with the handstand challenge, and I am almost able to do a 45-second plank!



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