Boston Marathon World Run and a really lackluster attempt at HIIT training

Monday was the Boston Marathon. Before I was a runner, I thought marathons were impossible and ridiculous and the people who ran them were absolutely crazy. Then I became a runner and realized that maybe they weren’t crazy, but they must be in really good shape because there ain’t no way I’m ever going to be able to run 26.2 miles. I think I’ve even said in a previous post that I might aim for a half marathon as my biggest goal as a runner, but now I’m starting to think about Boston…. It’s floating around in my head although I’m not really read to say out loud, “I want to run a marathon.” I did tell my husband I wanted to run a marathon and he said, “You should.” Having only run 5Ks before, I feel a little crazy for dreaming this dream. I think I would need to get serious about training and find a really good training plan. I need someone to tell me exactly how far to run, what kind of workouts to do, etc. I kind of flounder when it’s up to me to figure it out on my own. 

Well, I didn’t run a marathon, but I did participate in the Boston Marathon World Run! I pledge 2.62 miles, which is sort of a long distance for me on a normal run day. I wasn’t sure at first that I’d be able to do the whole thing as a run and I started planning that I would run maybe 1.62 miles and then bike the rest. I glanced at a map to sort of gauge the distance of various routes before I headed out. I wound up running the whole 2.62 miles in about 45 minutes, and I actually ran almost the entire time!  I am so proud of my virtual medal. 

I decided to do a HIIT workout in place of my regular interval training, which basically means I decided to run my intervals a little longer and harder than normal, and it didn’t really go as planned. I started out trying to run 1/4 mile intervals but just couldn’t keep up the speed the whole time so I shortened the distance to 1/8 mile and even then had trouble keeping the intensity up the whole time. I was aiming for 8 intervals with about 90 seconds – two minutes of recovery in between. I tried to run my fourth one harder than the others (although at that point, “harder” kind of didn’t mean anything anymore.) I think I wound up doing 6 intervals and heading home – I just couldn’t catch a deep enough breath to recover enough to keep going. So, not exactly how I wanted the run to go, but I think I got the point across a little bit, trying to push my lungs and legs to keep going even when they’re tired. I’m also hoping that all of this faster running will actually help me run faster without getting so winded. 

Hopped on the scale the other day…. still 245. Really? This is getting weird. I’m eating vegetables (and eating better in general, but VEGETABLES.) and I’m working out more than ever but I’m not dropping any weight. My pants fit a little looser and I think I can just about make out a collarbone… and I was able to zip up a dress on my own that I used to need assistance with! I was sort of hoping to go down a size by this point. I mean, really it’s been like, 8 months since I started running seriously. I try on shirts that used to fit great a few years ago and they still don’t button and it’s just really frustrating. 


One thought on “Boston Marathon World Run and a really lackluster attempt at HIIT training

  1. You can run a marathon, all it takes is training, it might not be a short process, but it’s a good one.
    As for the intervals, it takes a few sessions to figure out where you are at, and plan your runs based on that.

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