Trail Running at Mercer County Park

My husband agreed to come on a run with me, although he would be walking and I would just run ahead of him a little bit and then run back to him. It was a bit chilly today but once I started running, that didn’t matter too much. I was planning to retrace my steps from the last 5K I did so I could train on semi-hilly paved paths, but there was a March of Dimes happening at the park so there were people crawling all over those trails. We had to go the other direction, into the woods, on unpaved path ways with some rougher terrain. It was a lot more isolated and it was definitely a good workout – hills up and down, tree roots to hop over, brush on either side of the path to avoid. We turned back after about 1 mile so round trip it was probably around 2 miles. My GPS watch didn’t start tracking from the beginning of our workout and we did a lot of walking, so I didn’t bother trying to beat any records or anything. Another 1.5 miles to add to my total for the week! I’m upping the ante on my workouts a little bit by adding some mileage and intensity to different runs throughout the week. Finally, the weather is nice enough to stay outside for longer than 15 minutes!


2 thoughts on “Trail Running at Mercer County Park

  1. Variety is definitely good and much more doable now that the weather is getting better. I’m just starting to discover the joys of trail running and it really is much more fun hopping around the rocks and tree roots than pounding the pavements.

    • Totally! I loved the challenge of the terrain – it almost made running into a completely different sport. And my leg muscles are totally feeling the difference now!

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