Running Turns into Tae-Bo on Rainy Days

I decided not to run because of the rain last night – I wear glasses and it’s kind of hard to see when they’re covered in water droplets.

Plus… puddles. 

So, I tried to find a good workout alternative on Youtube. I wanted to do one of the dance / zumba videos but couldn’t find a really good one. They were all a little too fast. Now, I can handle the speed, but the problem is in the apartment – the walls & floors are not super sturdy. The floor bounces a lot when we simply walk around, and everything on the shelves shakes, so hopping, skipping, and jumping are out of the question unless I want to destroy everything and possibly fall through the floor. Jumping jacks are a death wish. Even the TV wobbles back and forth! Ah, apartment living. 

I did a tae-bo video instead and stood on the sturdiest spot in the apartment for my workout. Pretty good workout! I also did a few planks for a combined 60 seconds the other day and the muscles around my middle are feeling it! Whew. 


2 thoughts on “Running Turns into Tae-Bo on Rainy Days

  1. I hear you. It’s hard to do a good indoor cardio workout in an apt. I’m partial to Jillian’s Shred and Kickboxing DVDs, but try to do them when the downstairs neighbors are out. Enjoy the rainy day!

  2. Luckily we are the downstairs neighbors, so I don’t have to worry about bothering anyone with stomping! I’ve done part of her 6 Week 6 Pack abs workout – it’s a great workout & perfect for the apartment.

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