No-Run Weekend

I feel like I haven’t had a lot of time lately for keeping up with my blogs. I’ve been trying to be more efficient lately – what I mean by that is, I used to come home from my run thinking about how I was going to stretch, drink chocolate milk, shower, and get back into normal clothes so I could get on with my night. But what I’d actually do is plop down on the floor in my running gear, plug my GPS watch into the computer, and spend the next hour or two analyzing my run, looking up new running plans, or new workouts. I spent so much time thinking about and planning stuff I wanted to do that I wasn’t actually getting very much done. I also get distracted very easily, so I might wind up sitting in the same spot, still in my gross running gear, watching cat videos. Oh, internet, the things you do to me. So my actual problem is not MAKING time for my blogs, which I am changing right now by writing this one.

This weekend was a no-run weekend. Husband and I took off from work on Friday so we could do fun weekend activities to celebrate our third anniversary. (Here’s a great example of me getting distracted: I wrote that sentence and thought of something I needed to look up, so I logged on to Facebook. Eventually I found my way to Youtube, where I watched Klaus Nomi singing Lightning Strikes. I suddenly realized I was still on Facebook, but couldn’t remember why.)

Anyway, we went garage-saling and then I went out for a run on Friday night. In true Sarah fashion, I had already planned what kind of run I was going to do, and then changed my mind four times mid-run and kept trying something different. It was supposed to be intervals, but I forgot my GPS watch, so I decided to walk/run to my music, walking for the verses and running for the choruses, but a great song came on my playlist so I just let loose and ran the whole song. Eventually I just settled into a walk/run kind of day. I’m hoping it was a little more than a mile and a half. Surprise awesome running song for Friday night: All I Do is Win, DJ Khaled. Yes, I have seen the lip sync video. More than once.

I experimented momentarily with running faster – I tried to keep up with the quicker songs on my playlist and it was sort of hilarious. We’re getting somewhere with speed, I think. I’m really trying to maintain one pace over longer periods of time. My goal is sort of shifting from running faster to being able to maintain a faster speed for a longer period of time – even just 4 MPH for like twenty minutes would be something I’m interested in. Guess it’s time to make time for the treadmill!

Husband and I took a long walk on Saturday at a botanical garden in New Jersey, and then went to a shooting range where I shot a shotgun for the first time. My arm muscles are very sore from how tight you’re supposed to hold that gun! I decided not to run on Sunday & just enjoy a lazy day. My Mudderella is this Saturday, so I’m planning a week of relatively little exertion. I hope to do some slow running with my husband tonight and maybe cross train, but I’m still pretty sore from a workout earlier this week, and the Mudderella seems like it will be a challenge, so maybe I should just keep it simple.

I’m a little excited about Mudderella, although my husband cannot come and spectate for free, so I have to go alone – actually, this whole endeavor is really expensive. I’m not too happy about that. I don’t even want to repeat how much it cost me to sign up, and they charge for parking (and more for “premium” parking!) There’s a fee for spectators, for bag check, for childcare. On one hand, they thought of everything. So I have to bring a waiver and maybe photo ID, but where am I supposed to put those things during the race? Where do I put my car keys? I really don’t want to spend any more money on this than I have to. I didn’t even buy the shirt my team is wearing because I didn’t want to spend $22 on a tank top. Most running races (at least, all of the races I’ve been to) usually have food or something at the end for the participants. This is like a 5-7 mile course with obstacles and I bet there won’t be a banana or bagel in sight that doesn’t have a dollar sign on it. Here are the good parts about it so far: It looks like a LOT of fun. I am really interested to see if I can actually do some of these obstacles – some of them look a little awkward for a heavy girl, but I’ll be proud of myself for doing even some of this stuff. Also, I will be able to say that I have done a mud run, and I’ll never have to do another one. They’ve partnered with Futures without Violence, whose main goal is basically to end domestic violence. The participants are all women (although men can join teams as long as they can prove they were invited to join by a woman on their team that they know). I’m just glad knowing that some of my application fee is going towards something good.  /endrant

Happy running this week!




3 thoughts on “No-Run Weekend

    • Yes! And finally when I realize that I didn’t stretch or drink my post-run chocolate milk, it’s like two hours too late and I wonder if it’s even worth it anymore!

  1. Nice post! I also get distracted really easily and either spend 2 hours doing something that should have taken 15 minutes, or just completely forget what I was trying to do in the first place.
    Congratulations on your anniversary! Hope you had a great weekend of fun.

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