Trying to Keep Up with the Husband

Husband and I went out for another train run yesterday. We opted for the trail instead of the canal because it was rather sunny and we figured the trail might be a little bit cooler what with all that leaf cover and stuff. We ran in Washington Crossing Park on the Continental Trail for like a second but they covered it in wood chips, so it smells amazing but is really hard to run on. It’s sort of bouncy and unstable and was really tiring, sort of like running on sand, I imagine, and since this was supposed to be an easier run, we diverted to the nearby park road. We went down a really big hill and then took a trail, turning off into the woods.

It was really lovely, although this trail was much harder to run on than the last trail – just wide enough for one person, LOTS of ups & downs, and many many roots threatening to grab my toes and take me down. My thighs were killing me from a workout earlier this week so the downhills were AWFUL. We only had about an hour before the park closed so we kept it short. On the way back we detoured off the trail to a nearby picnic area. They must have recently cut up some downed trees with a chainsaw because there were a bunch of cut logs sitting in the parking lot, so we practiced some box jumps. I’m very impressed with myself that I didn’t fall & hurt myself while jumping up onto the taller logs. Seriously, I usually wind up bloody when I attempt something like that.

Husband runs much faster than me. At his “comfortable” pace he kept pulling way ahead of me. Trying to keep up with him pushed me out of my comfort zone a little bit, and I was sort of bummed that it was so hard. I’ve been running for months! I’m sure it never gets totally easy, but I thought I’d be a little better at it by now. He says I’ve got the endurance but when you’re running at a snail’s pace, it doesn’t seem like much. Slow and steady wins the race, I guess, right? Running with him is a good challenge, so hopefully I’ll be able to convince him to get out on the road with me and try out some more parks this summer. 


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