Things I was thinking about during my run today

I found a few running plans in some email from one of the many running websites I’ve visited in the past few years. The 10K training plan was a little too much for me, and I definitely wasn’t ready for the half marathon or marathon plans… all that was left was the beginner plan. I don’t consider myself a “beginner” when it comes to running and I sort of bristle at that notion of being considered any kind of amateur. Beginner is a like a dirty word at this point. I think it should be called the 5K plan, and I shall now rename it the 5K plan in my mind. Humph.

So the first day is a 1 minute run, 1 minute walk, alternating back and forth for twenty minutes. Not too hard, and it says to run very slow, “without panting.” I ignored that a little bit. I ran faster than normal but didn’t get into speed interval speed territory. It wound up being a good run but I’m looking forward to getting a little more endurance.

While I was running I heard footsteps catching up to me and some fit running guy zoom past me. I was wondering how long he’s been running to make it look so effortless and I started thinking that while a lengthy running career is certainly impressive, the number of years a person was inactive is also kind of a badge of honor. Like me: I was pretty sedentary and out of shape for 28 years before I started running. I think that makes the switch from couch to road just as impressive as the natural talent is for someone for whom running comes easily. I decided to change my life after 28 years and when I think of it that way, I’m not so upset about slow progress, because it’s all progress when you think about where I was compared to where I am now.

Mudderella on Saturday! I think I’m going to cave in and buy a parking pass, since I asked the only other person I know who’s going if she wants to carpool and she hasn’t responded to me. I’d also like to be able to leave at my leisure, so I guess it works out. I will also probably pay to drop my stuff off in a locker so I can have my phone / camera / car keys nearby. Might as well enjoy the whole experience instead of trying to cut things out to save a few bucks.  Also… I heard it was going to rain and lightning and thunder, but I can’t find anything on the website about their weather policy. Not sure how this is going to play out.


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