Is a Mud Run just as fun if the rest of your team quits?

I signed up for Mudderella as part of the team The Mudd Angels (yeah, I think this name doesn’t really apply to me) and we pretty quickly grew to about twenty… or at least, that’s what the Facebook group says, and since it’s on Facebook, you know it’s true. Except the only two people  that I knew that had also signed up, the two people I was counting on to crawl through the mud with me and stand with me in pictures while I wear ridiculous purple shorts… it sounds like they’re both not going. One of them is worried she’s not fit enough to participate, to which I say BALONEY – that’s a lame excuse. If I can do it, anyone can. So now I’ve been planning to go to this race for weeks, and I’ve been sort of nervous about it and annoyed at how expensive it was but I thought it would all be worth it to spend some time with the girls I work with that I’m not really friends with (and I was kind of only going because they were going, I don’t even know one other person on the team.) I don’t really like making plans with people if they’re just going to ditch me when something better comes along or when they just don’t feel like going.  

So… should I still do the Mud Run? I feel like it won’t be as much fun if I’m going by myself. 

In the DO IT column:

1. I spent a lot of money on this – like more than I’m comfortable with. What a waste it would be to just walk away.

2. I have sort of been training for this for months. 

3. Why should I care what other people do? I should do this for me.

4. Maybe fun muddy pictures of me. 

5. Maybe I’ll make new friends? (doubt it. I’m not exactly outgoing)

6. I’ve spent months convincing myself this would be fun, so I feel bad giving up on it now.

7. Race T-Shirt. 

8. Maybe free food


In the STAY HOME column:

1. My car has been acting up a little, I’m sort of nervous to drive all the way there just in case something blows up.

2. I sort of haven’t been training for this.

3. I don’t like going places by myself – I’m really shy. 

4. I’m worried it won’t be fun if I don’t have someone to share it with.

5. I’m sort of pissed about getting ditched after I signed up for something I wasn’t sure I wanted to do.

6. Our start time is 8 AM which means I have to leave my house around 6 to get there in time to sign in.

7. Oh, it’s supposed to rain. Thunder and lightning. 




10 thoughts on “Is a Mud Run just as fun if the rest of your team quits?

  1. That’s a bummer your friends dropped out!

    Go anyway! I’ve never ever regretted a run and I bet you won’t regret going. If it rains it rains – rainy runs always feel that much more memorable. It’ll still be fun and who needs other people when you have mud? Go! Do it for yourself!

  2. I’m a little late in replying, but I’m glad to see your comment above that said you were going. The first two mud runs I ever did, last year, were both by myself. People helped me out on the course though when I couldn’t get over a wall. It’s all about fun and teamwork, even if you’re not technically on a “team”. Sorry to hear they bailed on you!

    • Thanks – it was a little tough to do some of the obstacles without help but it all worked out in the end- I did a bunch of things that were scary and I maybe thought I wouldn’t be able to do, and it was awesome!

  3. I am planning on doing this less for the personal gain than for the cause. I’m going to be 49 and am sure it will involve pain. The herniated discs in my neck from enduring an abusive partner has caused me pain too. The women and men who have died at the hands of their abusers is the reason why I want to run for the cause. The survivors of domestic violence do need support… I hope this encourages others to join in spite of their fears. Raise a lot of money for the cause and know you are empowering yourself and showing your support for women and their children who have endured more than an obstacle course in their everyday lives….
    All my love and support to fellow mudders and those who have suffered, still suffer and who will forever climb the mountains of recovery

    Kindness…. Michele

    • Thanks for bringing up these important points- it gets really overshadowed by the mud run hype and hubbub but the reason for the event is to raise money, awareness and support for victims of domestic abuse and to show support and give strength to the victims of abuse. I left it off my DO IT list but supporting victims of domestic abuse is something that’s really important to me personally and was another reason I wanted to be involved in this event. Thanks for sharing your story and your comment.

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