Why is it so hard to run?!

I put on my sneakers last night for a run after a few days of taking it easy after Mudderella. My ankles are still totally raw so I’ve either been wearing shoes with no heels or just burying the pain under bandaids. It hurt more to walk in the sneakers than to run, which was good incentive to keep at it. It rained a little the first few minutes of my run and then kind of tapered off, and it made me feel a little like a bad ass, although having my shirt stick to my stomach was kind of awkward. Bonus: the shirt didn’t seem as tight as it used to.

The training plan I’m using told me to run for 1 minute, walk 1 minute, run 2 minutes, and walk 1 minute for 25 minutes total. It recommends running slow enough so that you run “without panting” and I’m wondering exactly how they define “panting”, because I have a hard time forcing myself to go slower than my normal pace, and running without any kind of panting for me is… well, basically speed-walking. The husband mentioned a while ago that I take very small steps when I run so I’ve been trying to push my strides a little longer. The intervals were kind of tough today. Where does my endurance go?

Side quests: I’m still doing the 100 crunches a day, squat challenge, and plank challenge. ALL AT ONCE! Wow, I am kind of a badass. The crunches do seem to be getting easier so I keep kicking up the intensity a little bit. The squats, it’s really just a matter of setting aside enough time to do the reps. The planking SUCKS because they’re supposed to be bent arm planks, which I am finding much harder than extended arm planks. I found some kind of weird peace doing my plank last night, like some “this is the worst pain in the world but it’s actually not getting any worse  and I think I can hold this a little longer” zen. 

My diet is sort of back and forth – I cheat really badly on days I haven’t eaten a lot of calories, so I’m sort of lying to myself that it’s all balancing out. For instance: Today I planned to eat breakfast at work, but I’ve been working all day and haven’t eaten breakfast or lunch, so I consider it OK to have one of those sugary lattes from Dunkin Donuts and a cheddar cheese bagel twist. Just can’t tell myself no. I run because I really, really, really, really like food.



2 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to run?!

  1. I really should learn from you about the crunches, squats and plank, wow!
    About food, it’s OK to treat yourself sometimes, but if you feel you are overdoing then it’s probably not worth it.

    • Good point – I definitely have to reign myself in a little bit with the treats and start paying attention to the serving sizes because I WILL eat an entire package of Goldfish crackers in one sitting.

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