Wednesday Run – Do I Need a Foam Roller?

I’m a very bad patient. I was planning to hold off on running until my heels were all better but I’m so moody when I don’t run! I figured a quick run couldn’t hurt on Wednesday.

I ran about a mile, listening to music and sometimes trying to keep up with the music, sometimes not. It was sort of a free-flow run. My calves were really tight though, it was hard to keep running even at a slower than normal pace. It feels like a tight ball of muscles, almost like I’m about to get a charley horse or something. It might be from all the squats and other workouts I’ve been doing, or maybe I just need to stretch and drink more water. Also, I feel like maybe I should get a foam roller? I don’t have one now, and I’ve been ignoring everyone ever who talks about foam rolling – I don’t really know why, it has always kind of looked like a waste of time. But look who’s talking, I thought warming up and cooling down were also a waste of time. I’m slowly coming around.

Still going strong on my crunch challenge – I think I might just keep going once the two weeks are up. They’re quick and easy (I guess that’s debatable) and at least I feel like I’m doing something useful instead of just sitting around watching TV. I’ve been doing the squat challenge like every other day and the plank challenge more like every three – four days. I considered starting a lunge challenge as well, but I figured I’d hold off for a while because (I’m embarrassed to admit this) I’m sort of actually a really wobbly lunger. (<– Not a sentence I ever thought I’d construct.)

This weekend kicks off a crazy busy time in our house: Memorial day weekend coming up. Sunday: Picnic at my mom’s, during which we’ll celebrate my mom and dad’s birthdays this week. Sunday night: Something awesome called Lightscapes. Monday: Day off. Thursday: the husband and I drive down to Snow Hill, MD for a few days stay at a B&B before he starts his new job. Saturday: my cousin’s graduation party in MD.  I am super grateful right now for the calendar app on my phone. I’ve always tried to use paper calendars or reminder books or something to keep track of the crazy things I’m planning, but this is the first thing that’s actually worked for me. Now if there was only a way for the husband to be connected to my calendar so he can see all the things I’m planning for us. =)

Does anyone use a foam roller? Does it help with tight muscles?


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