Upper Body Workouts: BAM

It’s a little chilly here today and when I got home from work I just didn’t feel like running so I did an upper body workout I found on PBFingers.com and OUCH my arms are feeling awesome right now! and when I say awesome, I mean I’m scared to move from the position I’m in because I have a feeling it’s going to hurt so bad.


I did 3 sets of 10 reps of each exercise with 5 pound dumbbells with 10 – 20 squats in between. (Have we had this conversation before? I’m convinced that the weight written on each dumbbell is a lie, I think it’s heavier than 5 pounds. My wimpy arms agree.) Managed to do both the 100 crunches and 115 squats that are due today in one workout. By the end my arms were going a little jello-y and I had trouble with the overhead tricep extensions and side shoulder raises. Also, I only did 30 second planks in the first superset. Now excuse me as I wobble to the shower, my arms flailing about uselessly.


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