Slow Start to Juneathon

My husband and I are on a mini-vacation this week. We went to a bed and breakfast in Maryland and spent a lot of time relaxing! Our first B&B, by the way, and we were the only ones there because it was so early in the season. We had the whole place to ourselves! I highly recommend this place: The Mansion Inn in Snow Hill, MD. It’s beautiful and quiet and they really make you feel like you’re guests in their home. As soon as we got there, they offered us a drink from their piano bar- we were allowed to borrow bikes and kayaks. We went for a ten mile bike ride on Friday- mostly flat terrain but some tougher sections! Beautiful scenery, cruising right alongside the bay. Yesterday was the only day we got any sunshine, so we took it as an opportunity to jump in… I mean slowly ease into the cold water of the bay. Then we went to my cousin’s graduation party and spent some time at my aunt’s.

Today I had planned to run for my first day of Juneathon, but didn’t have time between visiting family and driving home. This morning we walked around quite a bit at a flea market and then at the zoo. I did a quick yoga session when we got home, so Juneathon: Day 1 is done! Not as strong or aggressive a start as I’d have liked, but there’s always tomorrow for the run.


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