Juneathon Day 2: Up with the Sun

I woke up this morning REALLY early (Like, before my alarm even thought about going off) and just couldn’t go back to sleep. Normally this would be ok on a Monday because I could get up for work, but today is the last day of our vacation and I was hoping to sleep in. I definitely wasn’t in the mood for an early morning run. So what did I do? I went for a run. Go figure.
My husband was still sleeping; I didn’t want to bother him by turning on a workout video or hopping around doing cardio so I put my running gear in and before I knew it, I was out the door.
No training plan, just a nice easy run. 3k today and it was pretty awesome. I came home and did a short cardio/ab circuit workout. I am going to take a picture a day during Juneathon to see what working out everyday can do. I hope I have the dedication to commit to a great workout every day- I don’t want to disappoint myself.


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