Juneathon Day 4: Dance Party Workout!

Somehow I didn’t know it was National Running Day, and I hadn’t planned to run today because we’re expecting some bad weather – muggy, muggy heat during the day and some of those wonderful summertime evening thunderstorms. Ah, June.

I went to Shop-Rite right after work and got a little hop in my step listening to music while putting away the groceries, so I searched for “dance workouts” on Youtube and pretty much just played the first one that came up. It was called Dance Party Workout! Kind of fun and energizing, I was able to bounce around a little more in the kitchen without worrying about the bookshelves collapsing and all our tchotchkes flying everywhere. We were encouraged to freestyle and show off our own dance moves, so I was really glad that my husband was still at work!

I may have ruined everything by sitting down with my Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked afterwards….. but it was worth it. I think the real reason I run is because I really like to eat.


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