Juneathon Day 6: when planning on going water-tubing, make sure water-tubing place is actually open.

Long title, but remember how I told you yesterday that my husband and I took off work today to go tubing down a river? We had a coupon but had to use it on a weekday and today was the last weekday we would be able to go. Well, neither of us thought to check out their hours until last night while we were sitting at a diner enjoying milkshakes after going to the movies to see The Fault in Our Stars and we found out they’re not open until late June. SO.

We hemmed and hawed about finding a different tubing place that WAS open, or maybe just taking our own tubes and parking two cars in different spots along the river and float from one to the other, (which seems easy but totally freaks me out because WHAT IF WE MISS THE PARKING LOT WHERE THE SECOND CAR IS AND WE WIND UP HAVING TO WALK BACK but then it just occurred to me that, unless the water’s REALLY high, you float at a pace of about a mile an hour, so even if we miss the parking area, there’s literally a path along the ENTIRE river and we wouldn’t actually have to walk THAT far.) But anyway, we decided the water would be too cold this early in the summer and we’re just going to go on a weekend. We have been talking about tubing down the Delaware for years but have never done it. THIS IS OUR YEAR!

We bounced around a lot of ideas about what to do with our day off and wound up running errands in the morning, which included buying bike helmets and a new bike seat for me (because seriously, whose butt are those tiny seats for?) and then we went to a nearby park with hot dogs and charcoal and snacks and we biked our hearts out. Until we got to either a serious hill or a portion of the trail that wasn’t shaded by trees, and we turned around and went the other way. Then the charcoal wouldn’t light in the grill (guess that Match-Light charcoal that’s you’re supposed to be able to light with only a match doesn’t work after like, two years?) so we had graham crackers and Scooby Doo fruit snacks and iced tea, and went to the husband’s parent’s house, where we used their gas grill to cook our hot dogs. We also did LOTS of yard work chopping back grapevines that have really let themselves go. Sore blistery hands and slightly ouch-y legs tonight. What can I do for Juneathon tomorrow? I don’t want to run that often because it’s super hot and I want to try to keep it fun.


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