Juneathon Day 8: what a scorcher!

It was really hot today, but when I suggested a hike to my husband, God bless him, he agreed to go. I loaded up some geocaches into the GPS and we headed out! (If you haven’t heard if it, geocaching is a high-tech scavenger hunt game played world-wide. People hide caches, usually a container if some sort, and then other people go and find them! http://www.geocaching.com. Tell your friends.) We planned to meet a friend in Princeton, so I loaded up several urban caches and planned one that would require a lot of walking in Princeton. My husband and our friend were good sports about the weather. I’m sort of a fanatic about caching- I’ll go in almost any kind of weather, but I know that not everyone is as obsessed… I mean, dedicated as me. We got about three caches today – we had a few DNF’s (did not find) and did one multi, which means that we had to gather information from multiple locations and do some math to come up with the coordinates for the actual location of the container. I could feel the sweat dripping while we walked… the sun was beating down so hard, we had to stop in at a CVS to buy some sunscreen! So my exercise today was the long walk in Princeton. I’m taking my running clothes to work with me tomorrow and if it’s not suffocatingly hot in the gym, I’ll be on the treadmill tomorrow. Otherwise I’ll be running probably on the canal, in the shade. I need to do more running so I can stay up to speed with my fitness level (oh, the puns!) but I’m not sure I’ll be able to manage if it’s hot out. We shall see! How’s the weather where you live? Do you like hot or cold weather better? I am definitely a temperate person- spring and fall are my favorite seasons.


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