Juneathon Day 9: Ew.

Another hot and muggy day on the horizon. Yay, June. Next year lets do Mayathon or April-athon, guys. Or how about Septemberathon? Octoberathon? Now I’m getting ridiculous.

I brought my workout gear to work an decided to run on the treadmill. It’s usually hot in the gym so I don’t know why I thought it would be any better than running outside. I did a little over a mile in twenty minutes – I think I hit the actual mile around 17 minutes, which is pretty good for me on a treadmill. I picked a speed and ran with it for a half mile and then walked and ran on and off until twenty minutes were up. It was actually pretty good for a treadmill workout – treadmills are more of a mental struggle for me and I usually walk more. I stuck to 3.7 mph for a long time, which is my average outdoor running pace, and I just pushed through the panting breaths and leg soreness.

After that I hopped on the elliptical and did the preset glute workout for twenty minutes, which was sort of killer after the treadmill. It was then that the other person in the gym told me he had jacked up the heat. REALLY. Is that necessary? I’m sweating my everything off. I cleaned up when I got home, but seriously, I still feel gross. I guess I can’t be mad at him though, it was a good workout and he offered me a bottle of water.


6 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 9: Ew.

  1. Turning up the heat at a gym is pure evil! I don’t mind this heat as it has me waking up at dawn when I have the park all to myself.

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