Why Juneathon Just Had to Die

This is how I felt about Juneathon on Day 1: LETS DO ALL THE WORKOUTS

This is how I felt about Juneathon around Day 10: I’m tired and busy but still trying to rock Juneathon!

This is how I feel about Juneathon today: Juneathon, I just think it’s not going to work out between us… it’s not you, it’s me.

The whole thing was a little overambitious because as it turns out, there are times when I just don’t have time to work out like I want to! It was actually kind of distracting as well- I tried to find so many cool and unique workouts so I could A) try new things and B) keep Juneathon spicy, but it took me away from the exercise I really love: running. Next time: I will be alternating “cool and unique” workout days and running days and I won’t stray. I WON’T STRAY, I TELL YOU.

Here are things I learned about myself this Juneathon:

  • I like to feel beat up after a workout, like I really made an effort, so sometimes a couple of crunches or planks just doesn’t make me feel like I have worked out enough, even though in the long run, if I did them every day, it would probably make a difference eventually.
  • I am very bad at being my own drill sergeant; I work out better to videos or guide that tell me exactly what to do. I guess that means I am better when I am held accountable, although I’m sort of really shy and feel so awkward about my interactions with other people that I can’t really engage enough in a community for it to be worthwhile (although, for the life of me, I wish I could really connect with more people and not be so awkward.) I am REALLY bad at making my own workout plan and sticking to it – I figure, if I’m the drill sergeant, I’m the teacher, I’m in charge, I make the rules, and I can bend the rules…. so then I, the student, start sucking up to and manipulating the teacher, and then I, the teacher, usually feel sympathy for the student and bend the rules so far that they break and we wind up just watching Supernatural instead of doing the Supernatural TV workout, which I found online and then tweaked to include fun things like 15 squats whenever Dean mentions or eats pie. 
  • I have tried a lot of new things that I might incorporate into cross-training, but really, I’m just itching to run! I think I ran sometime last week. I have to make time tonight to run, I don’t care how hot it is. 

(I was going to make a video talking about my yoga class and I even taped it but it’s going to take a little while to figure out how to edit it, so maybe I’ll save the vlogging for another day) I went to a yoga class with my friend Manisha last Wednesday. It’s vinyasa flow yoga so it’s sort of fast-paced and the instructor tells you exactly what to do, even when to breathe. It requires a lot of focus – I’d go so far as to say it demands all of your focus. Every time you break from the routine & stop for a moment, you realize that you’re actually going to throw up. The instructor started out the class with some quiet meditation and a poem, and then at the end we laid on the ground and she repeated the poem and I can’t remember any of the words except it’s about losing and finding yourself in the woods & nature and it was really very relaxing. It’s the kind of thing I would do again- I’d like to take a few more classes this summer (it gets a little packed when the college kids come back into town) although probably not every week. (yoga ain’t cheap, you know?) 

On Saturday, my husband and I went into New York to see Neil Patrick Harris in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway. It was super amazing awesome and if you have the time and money to see it, you have to. Everyone was so incredible: Lena Hall nearly brought me to tears when she sang The Long Grift. I was absolutely living for the sing-a-long during Wig in a Box. AND I didn’t have any trouble fitting my hips into the seat. YES! We did TONS of walking this weekend, as one always does in the city, but we also didn’t exactly eat well, so I think it all balanced out. Back on track today. 


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