I haven’t been very dedicated to running this June since Juneathon has taken over my brain a little, so I’m absolutely voracious for running workouts right now. I get emails from pretty much all the running sites I’ve ever visited with links to articles: “Time to Tweak your Half Marathon Training with these Absolutely Important Workouts You’re Missing!” or “The Top Ten Strength Exercises You HAVE TO DO” and I’m like, “ooooooh! look at all the shiny new workouts!” My eyes are way too big with new ideas for workouts and I have to write this post to remind myself to slow down, because at the moment, I’m not running at all! How can I add these workouts to my normal exercise schedule when I don’t have a training plan at all?

Am I training for anything? I have a Color Run in Philly in July, but I’ve heard that they’re so packed with people, you can barely run, so no training required. I don’t have any other 5Ks on my horizon, although I will probably sign up for the Ocean City 5K and the Mercerville Mistletoe 5K I did last year. I would like to do a 10K, but since I still can’t run a full 5K, I’m wondering if I should try look for a 5K training plan (something other than the Couch to 5K) or move up a 10K training plan. Maybe I should actually pay for one of those personalized plans. Anyone using any great training plans, or do you make it up as you go along? What do you do when your plan is over? At some point you’re too “advanced” to go back and start all over again, the early weeks aren’t challenging enough. 

When it’s this nice outside, I just can’t think seriously about my future.


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